Ten sex facts that will surprise you

1. The g-spot is a myth

The “g-spot” isn’t a turn on button for women, like some kind of internal clitoris. It is a part of the urethral sponge which swells when touched. But here’s the catch: not all women have it, and not every woman who has one finds having it stimulated pleasurable. So, if you’re trying to pleasure a vulva haver, don’t skip the clit.

2. Women enjoy masturbating more than men

Men masturbate more often than women, women are more likely to say they had a very pleasurable time last time they masturbated, according to a 2019 study by the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada.

3. One in four men masturbate everyday

That’s according to a 2015 survey by the Irish Times. And you know what? We believe it. In fact, here at Aura, we say more power to them.

4. 5% of women masturbate every day

According to the same survey. We wonder if the other 95% might do it more often if they had Aura's quiet, powerful, and easy to use vibrator. Described by Charlie, an Aura customer as "Mind boggling blissful". Thanks Charlie.

5. Men don’t think about sex every seven seconds...but everyone still think about it a lot

Ohio State University investigated and found that men, on average, thought about sex 19 times a day. That’s about once every 50 minutes. Women thought about sex, on average, ten times a day, or about once every hour and forty-five minutes.


6. Vulva havers get erections to

Yes, you read that correctly. It isn’t just the penis that gets hard. The clitoris becomes erect when pleasured too, it’s just not as noticeable because it’s smaller.

7. Nearly 10% of dreams are sex dreams

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. So, about one in ten of your dreams is hopefully going to be fabulous. 

8. Everyone loves Scarlett Johansson

Men, asked the women they fantasied about, put Sca Jo number one. Women, asked the women they fantasise about, put her number one too, according to a survey by Phd. Justin Lehmiller.

9. Everyone loves Channing Tatum too

Men and women asked about the men they fantasised about in the same survey both put Channing Tatum in their top three.

10. Sex really is better with socks on

The University of Gronigen found, back in 2005, that about 50% of the couples being asked to have sex for the tests were able to orgasm. After the researchers gave them socks to wear during sex, about 80% of couples crossed the finish line!