Three sex positions everyone should know (that aren’t missionary)

Missionary is great. We’re not here to shame you if missionary’s your favourite position.

But, toast is great too. And you don’t eat toast for every meal. So take your love life from breakfast to banquet with three new positions, courtesy of Aura.

1. Sideways straddle

Best for: Clitoral stimulation, a great rear view

The man lies down with one knee bent.

The woman faces away from him and puts one knee either side of his bent leg. Then she lowers herself so she’s straddling his thigh with him inside her.

From here, she can grind up, down and against him, hitting all the right spots. He can add a little hip thrusting, if it feels good for both of you.

2. Spooning

Best for: Delaying ejaculation, lazy Sunday mornings

A super simple position perfect for slow sex. Both partners lie on their sides facing the same way. 

The man penetrates the woman from behind with gentle rocking motions. He can also reach round and use a vibrator on her, if he wants to ensure they climax together. Aura's carefully designed vibrator's length makes this easy. Check it out here

3. The face off

Best for: Intimacy, breaking in the new stay at home office chair

For sweet, affectionate sex, look no further. 

The man sits in a chair or on the edge of the bed. The woman climbs onto him, and wraps her arms and legs round his back as he sinks into her. 

This leaves you perfectly placed to look into each others eyes and really connect.

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