4 tips to help you feel more confident in the bedroom

There’s nothing worse for your pleasure than feeling insecure in the bedroom. Once you’re in your head, it can be almost impossible to relax enough to enjoy the moment.

That’s why Aura’s here with four tips to make you feel more confident in the bedroom.

1. Don’t compare yourself to porn

Porn is everywhere, and can make people think that naked bodies and sex should be a certain way. But it’s not true. You don’t need genitalia of a specific size or shape, large breasts, or a totally hairless body to be attractive. Just ask yourself, is that the only kind of person you're attracted to? Obviously not. What’s more great intimate sex is often very different to porn, which is shot for the observer, not the participants, who have often just met. Great intimate sex can be slow, close-up, and caring, in a way porn very rarely is.

2. Take the lead

This may feel a little bit counterintuitive, but if you’re feeling unsure of yourself, stepping up and being in charge can actually be the best thing for it. Unlike orgasms, there is an element of fake till you make it when it comes to confidence. You may even surprise yourself with how good you are.

3. Keep a little something on

Depending if you want to feel more sexy or more comfortable, this could be anything from lingerie to your favourite socks. But in sex as in life, dressing the part can be a real confidence booster.

4. Talk to your partner

Things that feel big in your head, can become amazingly small when talked about openly. If you have any sex concerns, talk to your partner. If they care about you as they should, they will listen.

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