Ladies, here are three ways to mix up your masturbation routine

If you’ve been masturbating for a while, you’ve probably got a go to routine. Something like lie in bed, grab your favourite vibrator, be done in ten minutes tops? 

That can be great for relieving stress or a bit of quick fun. But what if you’re bored? What if you’ve got hours and hours of lockdown time to fill? Or you have work to do and you need to put it off for at least an afternoon?

Here are three things you can try to change up your me time, and maybe kill a little longer than ten minutes.


1. Location, location, location

If you’re a bed person, try the shower, or if you can’t masturbate standing up, how about some cheeky time in your desk chair?


2. Experiment with porn

Maybe you’ve never watched porn before. Maybe you’ve watched porn plenty but you’ve never read erotica?

Check out our list of five places to watch consensual porn and see if some new stimulation gets you going.


3. Keep pressing the button

Plenty of women who have a vibrator never really venture past setting one or two. If that’s you, push past your comfort zone into the patterns. 

Aura’s luxury vibrator has three intensities and seven different vibration patterns. Play around and you might discover your new favourite mode.