Five tips for giving the ultimate sensual massage

Many people have tried to give a seductive massage and simply ended up with tired thumbs, and a cold and bored partner.


Fortunately, Aura is here to help with some honest sex advice. Read on to for our straightforward sensual massage tips.

1. Turn up your thermostat

It’s easy to forget in the excitement of setting the mood, but after you’ve lit candles and dimmed the lights, make sure your radiator is on! No one likes be naked (or partially naked) in a cold room.

2. Use massage oil

Oil is the amateur masseuse’s best friend. Without some, you’ll find there’s lots of friction between your hands and your partner's body, which can feel very uncomfortable. So make sure to use massage oil generously.

3. Make sure the massage oil is warm

There’s nothing sexy about shivering while cold oil dripped onto your skin. To get oil to the right temperature, you can pour it into a safe container and microwave it – but don’t make it too hot!

Or, you can skip the hassle by using Aura’s award winning massage candle. When Aura's massage candle is lit, the specially designed wax melts into wonderfully warm, skin softening massage oil which can be safely poured onto your partner’s body or your own. This is guaranteed to deliver a fantastic experience during the massage.

4. Start with firm strokes

First, use the heel of your palm to stroke across your partners back firmly. This will help make them feel secure and comfortable.

Then, use your fingertips to gently stroke their body to create anticipation.

Now you’ve relaxed your partner, you can start kneading them with your thumbs by pressing down on their muscles and moving your thumbs in a circular movement.

5. End by pleasuring your partner

Move towards your partner’s intimate areas, if this is something you both want. Start very slowly by teasing around the area. Once they are excited, you can start pleasuring them with your hands. Make sure your hands are well lubricated with the warm oil, as this will feel much better for your partner.

If your partner has a vulva, you can add even more erotic pleasure by putting lubricant on Aura's vibe and bringing them to climax with it.

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