Ladies, here’s what to do if your partner’s not making you climax

Sigh. In the words of Lily Allen, “you’re supposed to care, but you never make me scream”.

Don’t worry, Aura’s got the guide to sorting it all out.

1. Talk to them, openly and honestly

If your partners not getting you there and you’ve been faking it, you need to stop and tell them. We get it, it’s difficult, and there are a lot of fair reasons to fake an orgasm. But telling your partner what’s going on is the essential first step to a more fulfilling sex life.

Sit down together. Be kind to each other, be honest. If they’re worth it they’ll probably be hurt and embarrassed, but glad you told them. If they get defensive and don’t listen then this may not be the one.


2. Tell them what you like

If you need more foreplay, tell them. If you have a fantasy that might help, tell them. If you need to be touched a certain way, show them. You get the jist. 

It might take a few goes for them to get the hang of doing what you like, but when they do, it’ll be soooo worth it.

If you’re nervous of talking to your partner about what you want in bed, check out our blog post: Three tips to make talking about what you want in bed easy.

3. Get support from a little sex tech

Some women need quite a bit of stimulation to get off. Sometimes a little novelty is just all that’s needed. Either way, we recommend asking your partner to use Aura’s vibrator on you in the bedroom. Trust us, you’ll both have a great time.