Ladies, these three things will improve your sex life

Sex. We’re told it’s amazing, mind blowing, better than cake. But sometimes, we all want a bit more from the bedroom. Aura is here to help. Read on to learn three ways you can improve your sex life.

1. Enjoy your partner’s body

Lying back, staring at the ceiling, thinking about what you need to do tomorrow...during sex. We’ve all been there. Get out of your head and into the moment by focusing on the way your partner’s body feels.

Squeeze them tightly, feel their back, their chest. Run your hands up and down them. Feel the texture of their skin, think about the way they smell. Wrap your legs around them and pull them to where you want them to be. Run your hands through their hair. You can even pull it gently if that’s something you’ll both like.

For the best experience, we’d recommend getting excited about your partner’s body with a little foreplay, using Aura's award winning massage candle. It melts into a warm oil that can safely be poured onto your partner, then rubbed in, for an amazing massage.

2. Discover what you like

Not everyone knows how to give themselves an orgasm, and that’s completely okay. Some of us are great at giving ourselves an orgasm, but find it never happens when we’re with a partner. That’s okay too. All you need to do, is figure out what you like.

Relax somewhere comfortable and private, and spend some time experimenting with your body. Don’t think you have to put anything inside yourself if you don’t want to, though try that if you do. Start by rubbing around your clit. Don’t make climaxing the goal. Just do what feels most pleasurable and you’ll get there.

Then, when you’re comfortable, tell your partner what you like. You might need to show them with your hands, clarify as you go or try a few times before they get it right, but it’ll be worth it for both of you.

3. Spice it up

After a while, the sexual tension in any relationship can start to fade. It’s no one’s fault but it can be worrying and depressing to feel like that aspect of your relationship is struggling. Sometimes, all that’s needed to bring the spark back is to try something new together.

Aura’s research shows the majority of men would like to use a vibrator on their partner, and the majority of women would like their partner to use one on them. But most people don’t realise this. So don’t be embarrassed, spice it up by introducing a toy to the bedroom. You and your partner will both appreciate the thrill it brings. We’ve designed Aura’s vibrator, below, to be perfect for experimenting alone or using with a partner.

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