Three sex positions every gay man needs to try at least once

Whether you’ve hit a rut and want to spice things up in the bedroom, or you want to blow your new partner’s mind, Aura has a position for you.

We recommend you try these with our silky smooth lubricant.

Note on terminology: For the sake of clarity, we’ll be saying “bottom” and “top” in this article to mean the partner being penetrated and the partner penetrating. We aren’t using these words to refer to anything larger about that partner’s identity.

1. Drunk boat

Best for: Deep penetration, face to face intimacy

The bottom lies on his back with his knees pulled up to chest. The top sinks into his partner slowly from above, facing each other. 

The bottom can hook his legs around his partner’s hips if it feels comfortable. 

2. Suspended congress

Best for: Adventurous couples, flexing some muscle

The top stands and picks up the bottom. The bottom wraps his arms around his partner’s neck. 

Then, the top penetrates the bottom while holding his thighs to hold him up.


3. 69/Rusty trombone

Best for: Mutual effort, post shower sex

One partner lies down on, or side by side with, the other, with their faces near each other's genitals. 

In this position, partners can pleasure each other's penises and, with a little hip manoeuvring, also give each other analingus.

At Aura, we want to empower everyone to love themselves and others with confidence and respect, regardless or shape, size, sex and gender. So, if the positions in this article aren’t for you, check out the links below. If you don’t see advice catering to your needs there, send us an email at [address] and we’ll do our best to fix that.